I am Stephi, your garden variety Suburban Belle. I live in a mostly happy, mostly quiet suburb of San Francisco. My house looks exactly like 20% of all the others in my neighborhood, and my life is filled with the usual trips to the grocery store, the library, and the pediatrician. In between the necessary errands, dishes, baths and bedtimes, I sew. (Oh, and eat cake. I do like the chocolate cake.)

The lives and handiwork of my grandmothers’ generation intrigue me greatly. These amazing women–on the cusp of the women’s lib movement–lacked the multitude of options available to today’s women, so they poured their creative souls into the plebeian art of appliqu├ęd tablecloths, embroidered hankies, and quilted toaster cozies. I hope to honor their efforts by saving these treasures from neglect and turning them into new works of art useful for today’s busy families.

Visit my store at www.suburbanbelle.com