Volcano costume, originally uploaded by suburbanbelle.

This costume was fairly straightforward to make. The body was made out of car hood liner foam. The Hancock Fabric store near me carries this in about 5 boring colors.

I cut 8 (I think) rough, asymmetrical triangles (all the same, but not even or straight) and sewed them together, leaving arm holes in two opposing seams. When they were all sewn together, I cut the front portion down a little lower.

I cut drippy looking strips of the fun red, orange, and yellow fabric, and glued them on to the form with FabriTac by Beacon, mostly covering the unsightly seams.

The only challenging part was this next one (and it wasn’t really that hard, actually. You can do it.) I lined the neck opening by cutting 8 pieces of red fabric that were the same as the top of the hood liner triangles on one end with long, droopy lava flows on the other end. I sewed them all together and stuck them inside the mouth of the volcano/neck of the costume with the droopy parts hanging over the top. Glued in place.

Then I added the little kawaii village and face cut out of craft foam and glued on with fabritac again. Good stuff, right?

Let me know if you attempt this costume. I would love to see other people’s volcanoes and cute costumed children.